Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Desperate families.

On paper this week looked quiet. I set off to produce a new service sheet for a Service of the Word next Sunday.....Just as well I gave myself a good start because suddenly life got real and serious again this morning .
People I know and love have got serious health issues. Other people are looking for work and failing to find it, everybody I've spoken to today is very hard up.
Money is tight for most people right now and the results of that make them do things they would not do in any other circumstances. I know how difficult it is for anyone disadvantaged to ask for help...being a single mother did give me an insight into how desperate having no spare cash makes you feel and behave.
The time of my life when I was so poor that even breaking a cup meant either doing without something else or sharing the cups has left me fully aware that at times you get desperate . You may shout at people for no good reason but it does ease some tension.
There are families I would like to help but can't without causing offense.
I have now written several paragraphs that I have deleted. Feeling impotent is not a good feeling and yet it sums up much of what I feel and see on a daily basis.
The old people here are mostly comfortably off....the young people with steady jobs manage quite well. It's the ones who for no good reason can't find work and who have families to support that I see struggling.
Prayer on this issue leaves me often feeling that though I've tried to help, I've failed. So if there is a solution I have not yet found it.
Yet is I hope the operative word there.

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