Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday morning

This day is special for us all.. He is indeed risen!  I have had some fairly upsetting Easter Sundays as well as the ones filled with joy!
The worst one was a sad occasion. My first David died on a Saturday in April and his first anniversary fell on Easter Sunday!  I could not go to church at all....I knew I would weep all the way I took some lilies along to the lane where he died and prayed there for him and me and the dog who was with me!
Another memorable day was my first Easter Day service at St Just. The church was packed with people standing at the back. I was anxious.....all the special responses had fled from my brain and when I climbed up into the pulpit to preach I was very nervous. I looked down and there in front of me was a very familiar face. He looked stern just as he does on Newsnight. It was Jeremy  Paxman.  help!  My brain struggled to get itself in gear whilst I wondered what I was preaching about and hoped it was nothing controversial .
I need not have worried.....he was lovely and complimented me at the end!
Today I drive to Portloe...a most beautiful fishing village along the coast. The tiny chapel is shared by us and the Methodists and is welcoming to all who come!  It is a great privilege  to be able to do this and I am indeed a very lucky woman.
Here is the last verse of the poem by Bill Vanstone.

Here is God. no monarch he
Throned in easy state to reign
Here is God, whose arms of love
Aching, spent, the world sustain

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