Friday, 27 April 2012

The garden 2

The garden is looking wonderful...Although neglected by me this week, the combination of sun and showers have produced a wonderful show of blossom.  I put in apple , pear, cherry and plum trees about three years ago and they are all flowering right now!
To walk around it is a joy, the gardner has made a brilliant job of keeping it tidy without the manicured look I detest.  There are five different ceonotis  with several different shades of blue, some heavy on the branch and tugging them down.
To create a garden of this size with room for everything I have always wanted is one of the great joys of my life....its almost irrelevant whether or not it all fruits......right now with all the blossom is perfect.
I have a frangipani which has been in constant flower for 9 months!  I tried to post a pic but the gremlins are on the move this morning and two post have been eaten already...
It couldn't be the snails could it?
They are also on the move.....I can only cope with one problem at a time.....I might post a pic or two later!

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