Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jewish good relations!

I decided that I had better do a follow up blog for this is more in the nature of a bit of ecumenical good will than the actual christening.  All the young people involved were the new breed of those who work in London and hold down jobs that did not exist when I was young!
It was natural then that the Godparents were also in that category.
One of them  approached  me hesitantly  before the ceremony.....he was Jewish.  I had been warned but had mostly forgotten this bit of information. He and I retreated into the vestry to sort it out....he really wanted to be a person who could be responsible if any of the babies had lost their parents, even though he could not  promise to bring them up as Christians.
I said he could stand with the other God parents and when it came to the vows stay silent but in his heart promise to keep them in touch with God.  I also gave him a job. He was to be my book holder!  He held the book whilst I did the watery bit  and lit the candles  and  made his  responses at the appropriate times...
Afterwards he told me that his own babies had been taken to the synagogue and blessed in an affirming service much like a Christening.
His wife was joking afterwards that if all Christians were like me she would convert on the spot!
I am not looking to convert anyone who has their own religion and holds it dear but by welcoming this very good family into a Christian church I hope to have taken a very small step towards real understand between us.   God willing.
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