Saturday, 21 April 2012

Links by Facebook.

It's been an amazing few days.....lots of people calling in and lots of encouraging phone calls or emails....
I am particularly busy right now as the wedding season gets into swing. Last year we had to stop the weddings and baptisms when the church was having major surgery and a refurb. All the people who were put on hold then are coming along now, which is why the last two weekends were devoted to babies!
Today we have a wedding which neither of us locals is doing. We are very lucky here to have a brilliant secretary who does most of the grinding paper work and leaves us to do the enjoyable bits.
The priest in charge here told me that today's couple are bringing their own vicar with them..and he will do the ceremony. A day off for us then!
When he mentioned the name of the visiting priest I was amazed....he has been a friend on Facebook for years!
It's a very small world in the C of E and yet another example of how Social net working forges new links and useful links as well as uniting old friends.
It can all go tragically wrong of course. There are negatives as well as positives in everything.
Like most other things in life the choice is ours.....whether to spread the knowledge of God through sharing our laughter and our joy...or whether to find fault and carp. I know which path I chose!

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