Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Morning glory.

I've just been choosing the hymns for Maundy Thursday's evening service.  A natural one to select is "Morning Glory" which was of course written by Bill Vanstone.
He had planned to stay in Kirkholt as long possible but had a period of ill health and had to move away. He went to Chester Cathedral where he was a Canon and lived in  a little house in the close. As he never drove a car I was given permission  to park  in his spot  if I was in Chester and as I then lived in North Wales I made use of this and saw him occasionally. 
He had written a book during his illness and it was enjoying a reprint and had won a prize for best religious book and he was both overwhelmed and over joyed!  It was "Loves Endeavour"  of course. 
The poem is now in Ancient and Modern under the modern section and I always use it at Easter and Holy week! 
Morning glory, starlit sky.
Soaring music, scholars truth
Flight of swallows, autumn leaves
Memories treasure, grace of youth. 

Open are the gifts of God
Gifts of love to mind and sense
Hidden is loves agony
Loves endeavour, loves expense. 

Love that gives, gives ever more,
Gives with zeal, with eager hands,
Spares not, keeps not, all outpours
Ventures all, its all expends. 

There are three more verses which I will no doubt include during this Holiest of weeks. 
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