Monday, 16 April 2012

My pretend Aga is clean!

Having had the "Oven Genie" in the house most of this morning I am now feeling thoroughly guilty!  Its doing nothing for my peace of mind though I should have expected it.
I haven't got an Aga.....its a pretend Aga and is called an Everhot.  And it is always hot and is wonderful.
It works on the same principle as an Aga....having a very large top oven and a smaller bottom oven with a much cooler setting. Its hot plates are much the same too but there is one important feature that an Aga has a grill!  Its a very efficient grill too and it means I can brown things off nicely as well as all the usual grilling things...
My last Everhot was Imperial Blue and very beautiful but I left it behind when I moved and got a new pale cream! Not the most practical of colours for a cooker but I have tried to keep up with it... I am also very busy so a really thorough going over often fails me....
Enough finally became enough just before Easter....and I rang for the oven Genie.
He used to "do" for David and his first wife and as he was there at least three times a year there wasn't much to do at all ......not compared to this thing anyway!
He arrived very cheerfully at 9am.....the first hour was spent explaining that some packaging has been left in place which had now burned off and left a lot of black everywhere!  Thank goodness that wasn't my fault!
The rest is!  He's been here for three hours now and I don't think we are there yet.  I've got the cheque book out ready for the blow about to fall but its going to be worth it....It looks new now!
The genie is pleased and I've asked him to call once a year from now on!
There is no point in my pretending that I will sort it out myself.....a bit of self honesty is appropriate here I think....
I have to admit that there are areas where I fall down.....I am in fact a bit of a slob!
Confession over for one morning!
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