Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nuisance spams

I have had several responses to my last post on unwanted phone calls....all are fed up with the sales calls and want them stopped.....I know there is a way of stopping cold calling but many of mine are from people who I might have used in the past but never will again!
Since last night I have worked my way through at least 20  spamming emails trying to unsubscribe! Some of them ask for your e mail address, the irony  seems not to have occurred to them!
Junk emails, nuisance phone calls and then there's twitter!  Spam is discouraged but there are people who are relentless in their desire to make you buy their product whether it be books or collars for dogs!
If I see the same person flagging up their book day after day I make a mental note not to buy it.  As for sending Direct Messages to tell you somethings worth a read....I will never now return to their sites....
Does anyone ever buy anything from a cold caller?
I have relented for long enough in the past  to donate to charities of my choice but then other charities join in and there is a limit!
Maybe we are targeted because we seem affluent...My husband is a gentle soul who listens patiently whilst someone spins him a sob story about how much they need his money! Recently I have noticed him barking back......he actually told someone who has been ringing us for two years  because we once bought some wine from them, to get lost.....except thats not quite how he put it!
But churches are not innocent in this either.....when we got back  from our long trip a letter awaited us asking us to give more generously!
Who ever thinks these missives are a good idea should stop to realise that in many cases it has the exact opposite of what they trying to achieve!
I part with about a tenth of my money to charities of various kinds. So does new ones are needed we will no doubt subscribe, but its our choice.....and our timing. Anyone thinking of getting in touch please note....cold calling has the reverse effect on us....even when you haven't woken us up to ask.
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