Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quick trip on the ferry!

David had  some urgent business to attend to this morning so I decided to go with him into Truro and the ferry looked the best bet!
Truro is  best in the very early morning  now banks open at more convenient hours and we had our respective branches  to visit!  So I arranged to meet him later.
Finding I had more time than I expected I went into M and S  looking for just one some soap powder .
As I meandered through the rows of stuff for sale  I met an old friend. I have known this lady for thirty odd years...and although we live within ten miles of each other we don't see each other much apart from funerals and the like!  So we hugged each other, both said we were fine and then she told me her brother had recently died.  I arranged to go with her and the remaining sister to church and light candles and say prayers for them all.
Preparing to leave each other she asked what I was looking for.  I told her I just wanted a plain white tee shirt with long sleeves.....they all seemed to have the short variety.
She laughed "Turn round Jean"  Whole rows of them had magically appeared whilst I was not looking..
I bought two for ten pounds, and got back to the car early for the first time ever....
On this beautiful morning I had blessed an old friend, sorted out the bank and even bought new clothes and I got back before must be some sort of record!
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