Monday, 9 April 2012

Serendipity in action!

As well as being full of joy for all the normal reasons this weekend has been one of surprises....lovely things have happened that I was not expecting.
The christening on Easter Saturday was full of young parents all of the young executive type...As it had  been planned from a distance I had forgotten about readings so I took a couple with me, one for me and one for the church warden to read.
Before we started a young man approached me to ask if it was alright if he did a reading......I asked him what it was ...
"Its alright, its from the Bible " he said cheerfully. There wasn't time to enquire too closely  so at the right moment I asked him to come out and read.   He produced his iPhone and read from was a piece from Jeremiah telling of the goodness of God,,,and very appropriate for the christening!  And also very well read!
At the Easter Day service I was most  surprised to find a couple I had previously married at St Just. They had spent Saturday ringing round to find out where I was on Easter day!  This is not recommended but it did fill me with even more joy than I had when I  arrived.
I had gone early to church hoping not to find anyone coming  in the opposite skills at reversing up windy narrow lanes are not good! Nearly there , a car suddenly appeared.....It was my daughter in law.....coming to the service ! A very welcome event.
The next surprise was the most unexpected. There in  the congregation was a fishing man..He had supplied the fish for the Sonrise service and had slept on the beach to be sure he was up in time.
In the sermon I had used the phrase..."I have promises to keep"   I had not mentioned the name of the author.
After the service when  all were  drinking their coffee and chatting he approached me and told me how much he loved Robert  Frost. We then had the sort of conversation which delighted us both....We shared a similar taste of poets  and he told me things about Frost I didn't know...
The moral of all this is an old Lancastrian saying.
"You can never judge a sausage by its skin!"     Amen to that!

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