Thursday, 19 April 2012

To blog?

To blog or not to blog that is the question? Actually it's not really the question. For me it's like saying to breath or not to breath? Breath is essential and so is blogging.
I have always kept a diary....not ever of the dear diary variety....I hope.
Long before I was a priest I was a writer....expressing myself in words has always been my thing so it was unlikely to stop after being ordained.
My blog was not ever published until google made it so easy....and maybe that's a trap for the unwary.
People who think priests should not share their experiences and views are those who think the world has not moved on since Trollope wrote his wonderful books about church politics.
The days when a priest had the living of his church and could stay in his parish until he died have long gone....we are all very mobile these days and the old rules are almost impossible to uphold where non stipendiary priests who own their own homes work side by side with clergy who may move several times in their career.
To anyone who is astonished that I blog or indeed any other priest does I would ask them to Google Christian blogs.
So many of us do it it's far from unusual, it's common place.
Christian outreach is a well respected blogging tool. We have to use our own life experience in order to reach people and lots who read this blog are those who may seldom go to church or indeed have any Christian convictions but are interested in what is being said. Just as Jesus told stories to make His message clear so do we....
St Paul was an ace blogger in his day! And look how many people his written words have reached.
Together as a body us Christian bloggers are still proclaiming the good news. Christ has risen and is good! Alleluia!

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