Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Waterproofs needed

Cornwall is very busy. Remarkably so for the time of the year. Usually we get full to overflowing during school holidays but having spent the last couple of days commuting into Truro I am amazed by how many holidays makers are here.
They are all of a certain age!
The golden oldies have arrived in great numbers and I was once one of them.
Arriving here in April or May is a really good move. The bluebells are out in great profusion, the candle like flowers on the chestnut trees are glowing and the trees are in shiny new green leaves. Everything looks wonderful.
Our drought though is a bit of a problem. Ever since the hose pipe ban was announced its poured down every day!
If your a golden oldy on your way down bring your water proofs!
Negotiating your way around Truro is a bit of a problem as half the roads seem to be up! They usually try to get it all done before the main holiday season starts but it's on early this year.
We have eaten out a bit too during this spell of commuting and restaurants are doing well too!
The Cornish economy needed some boosting. It seems to be getting it right now!
Golden oldies, aka people who are retired with time and money at their disposal , Cornwall is open for business!

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