Monday, 23 April 2012

West Wing therapy

Tonight I got home from a whole day of sitting down and I was very tired. Daft I know but I'm used to moving more than I am sitting. I had just an hour to cook a meal before the next meeting started.
Spaghetti bolognese did the trick and then I sat down and realized that as my presence was not actually essential tonight my husband could go in my place...and bless him he did!
So stretched full length on the sofa I have indulged in a positive orgy! I found a whole episode of West Wing I've never seen as well as several more worth watching again!
What is it about this program? My husband can't get into it at all so I have to watch it alone. It's almost my guilty secret but it does the trick every time.
The intricacy of dialogue, the well drawn characters detach my brain from the days traumas and I'm ready to sleep properly before doing it all over again tomorrow.
I did get the whole series of Studio 60 as well and I would watch anything else that Aaron Sorkin wrote very happily.
Utterly relaxed I will listen to my husbands account of tonight's meeting safe in the knowledge that I was not missed.
I am again posting this fairly early because today is a repeat of yesterday.

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