Saturday, 21 April 2012

William the Springer.

Following the comments on "social networking" two days ago my mind has returned more than once to my beloved dog William. William was a Springer spaniel and a complete failure as a dog. He bit everyone in the family apart from me. This made him my dog. Every time the first David decided his time was up I took William up the mountain and stayed out till the vet was closed. He was very naughty indeed and I adored him and it was reciprocated. His worse moment came when a very drunk guest got down on the floor with him and said "woof woof". William was having none of that...he charged in and when the man sobered up we Had to apologize profusely. Another trip up the mountain was called for. His main problem was that he was a door guarder. That was how he saw his job....people were not to go through a door without his agreement. In the house this was fairly peaceful. On the boat was different. If he'd been left in charge he would growl at anyone trying to get into the cabin.....even us. It took a few minutes of cajoling and persuading for him to reach the conclusion that it was alight. As he got older this problem got worse. Eventually the vet diagnosed a brain tumor and his time had come. I took him and held him and then wept and wept. Somehow this dreadful animal had worked his way into my affections and I missed him and mourned him for several years. As a dog he was rubbish but as a friend and companion he was the best.
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