Saturday, 26 May 2012

Agents for travel, or high blood pressure.

In this glorious weather our thoughts inevitably turned to the last time we wore linens and used suntan lotion. After sharing some wonderful memories we decided that we probably had one more major outing in we started to look at all the stuff that had come through the door previously filed under, "Not now needed"
We made up our minds fairly early on in the week and rang a travel agent.
He was too busy to talk could he ring us back?   He didn't. So we rang him again the next day and the following day.
We got as far as telling him what we were looking for and he said to leave it with him....he'd get back to us.
He didn't. After waiting  another day we rang him again to be told the cruise we wanted was full.
He followed that up by saying he would be out of the office till next week now sorry.
We then rang Cunard direct.  We had found a different  cruise that we liked....going to the same place but by a different route.
In half an hour the cruise was booked, the deposit paid and emails confirming the booking sent.
I thought travel agents were invented to make life easier to do the things we want to do abroad...surely thats their job?
We got helpful, professional advice from Cunard....and ended up by booking a slightly longer passage than we'd intended. at very  little extra cost....and are very happy with it.  
I'm not saying where we are going......its a bit like not telling anyone your pregnant until you've passed the  three month line... so please don't ask!
Suffice it to say I shall be saving up hard for the rest of this year.....


  1. Unfortunately, this appears to be the attitude of so many in the service sector. 'We can take or leave your custom'.

    We'd had enough of it and booked our last trip abroad completely online, including flights, accommodation and car parking at Gatwick.

    It went very well, we saved ourselves money and hassle going to pick up tickets etc, which all came to us by post.

    I will never use a travel agent again. Go direct to the supplier and DIY works, and as long as they are not a fly-by-night organisation probably safer than some travel agents.