Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bleep, bleep computers

There are few things in life with the power to make me first furious and then weepy!
I am talking about the bloody computer! It is so brilliant in so many ways, allowing me access to poems and people and plenty but this morning it lost something!
"It" you understand is code for me really!
I have lost a service sheet that I spent a lot of time on last month. I was proud of it and had added pretty pictures.
Now it's gone...both of my lap tops say they have not seen it....not us gov!
After nashing my teeth, screaming at the weeds and the poor dog outside I have started it all over again.
It's probably the Holy Spirits way of my not becoming too lazy or complacent!
The words. "Thank goodness it's only Tuesday" have been heard several times already.
The dog and the husband are sitting in the garden and the suns gone in!
I am typing this on my iPad. I may not go near the lap top again for some time.

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    1. Gosh thank you. Bthats very kind