Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chemicals and compost.

Lots of tiny flower plugs arrived late in the afternoon yesterday. I brought them in to keep them safe. The snails here enjoy a hearty breakfast of tiny plants!
This morning I realised that I needed to go to the local garden centre. We needed compost and chemicals!
I do not like killing things. I once had a house infested by spiders during my brief courtship with Buddhism.
Now the only things I kill are snails and bugs that are intent on eating my garden.
Last year I went out to pick the gooseberries just ready for the pie to find sawflies had got there first.
The oaks were being eaten by rapacious caterpillars. It's become war but if I can find a way of prevention rather than slaughter I'll do it.
So this morning I came away with chemicals designed hopefully to do that. Systemic bug killers. Fingers crossed. I also succumbed to the wonderful scent strategically placed on the counter. The first sweet peas of the season now sitting next to the computer. They smell heavenly.

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