Monday, 21 May 2012

Fall of Singapore.

Having just watched a programme on the TV about the fall of Singapore to the Japanese  in the last war I am actually shocked by the revelation that a person in this country supplied them with much of the information needed to accomplish this.
One of my lecturers at Training college had been teaching  in Singapore when one day he and his wife were taken prisoner by Japanese troops. They had landed unexpectedly and with no resistance one day , had rounded up all the British and put them into prisoner of war camps. My tutor   had been in Changi and he never saw his wife again after the first day. He survived, she did not.
He was only persuaded to tell us this story after a swimming expedition one very hot day when we all saw the scars on his back.
In the next village from here is the only British memorial to those who lost their lives to the Japanese.... We say our prayers every year since it was  erected  and mine are heartfelt for those who suffered in the camps.
The British  man who betrayed his country was never prosecuted and lived out his life in this country, a peer of the realm.
I am shocked and dismayed.....those who suffered such harsh treatment in the camps deserved better.

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