Saturday, 12 May 2012

God was absent!

 People find it hard to love God as a disembodied spirit.....their perceptions of God are always personal, based on actual events in their life.  The commandment to love Him is definite....with all our hearts and with all our minds and with all our strength. But without some sort of picture in our minds it can be hard. 

When, as a young  teacher I asked my classes to draw God we had some very strange pictures.... they were all  old men for a start, often with beards.....some with large boots for some reason, most were smiling but some looked stern....they looked in fact more like a group of teachers rather than God! 
One of my best moments as a very young teacher was the first Christmas in school...During a busy period I asked my class to draw a picture of the nativity, the birth of Jesus. 
They set to with great good will and at the end I got some lovely pictures  to put on the wall....Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the animals,  they were all there . 
One picture did puzzle me was a long corridor with two people sitting outside a closed door.
What's this? I asked the boy who had drawn it....He explained it was Mary and Joseph waiting at the hospital for the doctor to come out and tell them the baby was born!
I looked at him carefully.....he wasn’t having a was a simple description of what had happened when his brother had been born!  Bless him.....having never been taken to church it was his own interpretation of what happens at a birth.  God you will please note was absent! 
All of our ideas about God are actually stemming from the same source....personal experience..
My own life has been a steady awareness of the goodness of God. 
In this I have been very fortunate....I hope those you of you read this  are too. 

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