Friday, 25 May 2012

Hot weather cassock

Today is a glorious hot day. I have a funeral at the crematorium later
So it's time to get the light weight cassock out!
Several years ago when I was running an interregnum here I had weddings right through the summer which was a very hot one. The cassock was a lovely wool worsted which kept me cosy during long winters but under which I fried in the heat.
I sent for a lightweight one!
However its not that's terylene rather than wool but it's still quite substantial.
Oddly the summers since have been on the cool side so it's a hardly worn cassock with so many buttons down the front that it's easier to climb into it rather than doing up all the buttons every time.
I am now at the stage where I am slowing down so there will be two cassocks to dispose of eventually.
The much loved woolly one is battered and bruised but the rather posh Roman one is in good nick. I'm not yet ready to dispose of it.
Together with all my coloured shirts I shall in due course hand them on to someone of similar build in the hope of warmer weather to come.

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