Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Miracles via iCloud

I am not quite an unreconstructured Apple geek.....but I am getting there slowly, kicking and screaming but today I am one step closer along the way.
David has a new very small lap book air. It's a very pretty thing and I have been warned off it! The last time I tried to get the old one onto iCloud I failed miserably and lost him a lot of data. So this time I'm staying well out of the way.
Suffice it to say that he's not yet on the cloud but I am. I realise how smug that sounds but I don't often beat him at anything!
Yesterday a young couple arrived to talk about their wedding.
They were visibly worried about finding a reading from the Bible so I read them a few.
The one they liked was from "Song of Solomon. " Could I write it out for them?
I thought I might find it on my computer so I typed the first line into the search engine.
It came up but also appearing were three service sheets from other weddings. Two of them were several years ago, long before the present computer had been born!
I checked. They were on my old computer but had been snatched off by the cloud!
This is what the stuff of miracles is made of surely?
The old computer is cloudless but the new one can pick and mix from it !
I still grumble at Apple every time it asks for my password....but I might just stop now....
A whole new way of life is opening up! I wonder what it would do if I typed in "sermon Trinity Sunday ". Ahem!

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