Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My blessed dog.

Crispin is now 14.  Read no further if you are in any way queazy . We have entered into a new geriatric phase.
In our house hold we are all geriatrics.....David is in his eighties, me in  my seventies...and Crispin. We all have age related problems but this is a new one on me.
Over the last three weeks I have occasionally  come across solid brown lumps around the house. They are easy to pick up and dispose of but should we  be going off to the vet?
Just getting Crispin into the car takes two  of us, one at each end  to lift him in......he can no longer jump up!   It is not dignified for a majestic old boy!  Plus a visit to the vet has all sorts of unpleasant over tones so I googled it.
Under  "Geriatric dogs"  was a heading.
Constipation leading to indoor soiling.
  There it was in black and white. It wasn't just him!
He has always been a good dog, I can remember only a couple of slips when he was a very small puppy,  and my then elderly golden took over the potty training, leading him out side firmly and showing him how to cock his leg up!
He knows when he is in trouble.....in 14 years I have never even had to raise my voice.....just a reproachful....look will mostly do but I can't  do it  now......its not his fault....I do not want the last part of his life spoiled by any crossness.....so I get the kitchen roll, pick it up and flush it away...job done.
The main problem lies with David.....he gets up very early and once trod it all over the house before realising it....but I am not going to spoil his last years either.
There are no suggested solutions in the google page but I suspect that the next visit to the vet might be his last so we are not going there either....  not just yet. He is in no pain and is still a happy dog.
For the time being it is easy to deal with....you just have to keep your eyes open and your feet nimble..... and it doesn't happen every day.....
David says if its because he's constipated its best to leave well alone...... the alternative does not bear thinking about.....
He can still walk around the garden, chase a ball,  climb the stairs  and he eats well....bless him.....its not time yet.!


  1. Poor old Crispin. There but for the grace of God....

    Antiseptic wipes and a good quality air freshener will help.

  2. We've been there at our house, Jean, with our last dog in his last years. It's a sad time, but you sound determined to let things play out gracefully.

  3. Its very hard at times....yesterday I trod it right round the kitchen whilst I was making the lunch! Crispin retreated to the front door but I couldn't even reproach him....
    Grace is a good word to use.....please God.