Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New garden furniture.

It serves me right......I'm afraid all this wet weather is due to me.   I am to blame!  Yesterday for the first time for ages it was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy some sun. So I did....I put the small canvas rocking chair out, sat on it and went straight through it!  I regret no photographic proof of this exists, I was far too busy screaming for help when my lower half got trapped in the folding mechanism! It was not  dignified or pretty!
The same morning I got an email showing me all the wonderful out door living furniture now for being sorely  tempted I fell.....I spent an hour looking at sun loungers, arm chairs etc in all their various sizes, shapes and materials.
Canvas was out!  I still bore the mental scars if not actual ones from the unfortunate collapse of stout party earlier.  
I remembered some wonderful chairs we had used  on our cruise, fully weather protective  and made of pretend wicker....and they had some......Obviously the cost was considerably more than another deck chair would have been but they could sit in the summer house and be tugged into position to get the sun which yesterday looked distinctly   promising!
David was persuaded to look  at a picture and for once did not object to the purchase....he thought they looked like a very good idea, complete with cushions!  The dolce vita Cornish fashion beckoned.
So I ordered one each!
They don't get here till next week but I'm afraid it means it will probably rain for the next month....  Two months even.......sorry chaps!
Mea culpa!

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