Sunday, 20 May 2012

Permission to start panicking!

Several strange things happened was not quite a "permission to start panicking " day but it might have been!
I got to church an hour before the wedding I was taking. The registers were in the safe so the first task was to get the safe open!  It took a bit of fiddling but I did it.  This was  first time I've ever managed it! People were arriving to ask about all sorts of things, not least how to get the door of the sound system open.  Finally the right key was found and I got on with the job of setting up the registration table.
I'd left one thing in the safe so a helpful church warden went to get it and as she came out, the door of the vestry clicked shut after her. We were locked out!  Our keys, mobile phones, etc were all in there.
I checked everything on the outside...the wedding could go ahead but we couldn't get home!
Eventually in a spirit of,  its worth trying everything I went around the outside of the church to the outer door of the vestry and swung open....we don't know why, but it was providential in the extreme!
That panic over, we got  the organ up and running as well as the sound system and I went outside to get my head into the right place....
I sat on a bench from where I could see the bride approaching.
A man appeared in front of  me and said "Hello, I believe we follow each other on Twitter!"
A mini tweet up then took place...which was very weird indeed as he turned out to be the photographer!
Everything finally in place the bride arrived at the church early!  This has only happened once before! As the bell ringer was taken by surprise I asked her to wait a moment so that the bells could be rung!
She looked wonderful in a long flowing white dress and the bridesmaids, all five of them were dressed in black! Off the shoulder and slinky black too....the whole thing looked amazing when they arranged themselves outside the church.... for the photos to be taken.
After that everything went to plan.....thank you God!
I look forward to seeing the photographs!


  1. Interesting things just seem to happen to you Jean.
    What is it about you?
    Do you glow in the dark?


    Good fortune. I suspect that one or two heartfelt prayers might have been uttered!!

  3. Glowing in the dark would be quite useful!
    I've always led an eventful life. Not really sure why.