Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spam box insights!

It always feels slightly incestuous to blog about blogging.   It really is an extraordinary thing ...and each day brings a new surprise and often a new development.
First of all my viewing figures are amazing.....they just keep going up and I am very grateful to those who come on for a browse.....because this contributes to the page views amazingly well!
Blogger recently up dated the site and gave us the option of changing.  I had a look and thought it looked manageable . ,
So we are now updated in a flashy new way which looks no different to the casual reader....but it gives us lots of information as to viewing figures and  where the readers all come from.....Asia, Australia as well as USA and Canada are very well represented.
Yesterday I had a polite little note from Blogger to the effect that I should look at my spam!
Spam? Who on earth was sending me spam?
So I opened the box and there were several comments from Anonymous I'd never seen before.
Blogger clearly assumes any anonymous comment must be spam and I tend to agree....
It was very interesting though..
I cherish the one that offers me counselling...
And the one offering to teach me how to get bigger and better figures..
I am sure they were trying to be helpful......
Anyone trying to sell me anything through an anonymous comment is doomed to disappointment  I'm afraid and  those who have asked me a question are never going to get it answered if they are not willing to put their name on it.
I know I can moderate my  comments but until yesterday Ive never thought it worth it....but I some stage.
The problem with moderation is that you are always going to read what is written, instead of  being blissfully unaware until you look in the spam box.
Either way there is no real future  for Anon.....You need a name mate!

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