Friday, 4 May 2012

Speed .

Everything is so fast these days!  Those of us who grew up in the dark ages can sometimes find it a bit bewildering but on the whole my reaction to any news spreading like wildfire is amazement, followed by gratitude.
On the day before I took ill I bumped into an old friend....told him about my book and there this morning, two days later,  it had gone live!  I am useless at providing links to things......there are limits,  but he had provided a link to the book, plus another link to the blog on his online bulletin ....The Roseland Magazine!
In the old days this would have been akin to magic....but I am just staggered by the speed of everything.
This same friend is also trying to get super fast broadband for the Roseland....more power to his elbow on that one too!
The audio book I am currently listening to is "The Once and Future King" by T H White.
 He has cleverly mixed up things from our day with medieval times by using Merlins magic....the result is a wonderful story which kept me riveted even when any movement was painful. over the last  couple of days! ..
I am so glad I decided to go with the flow when computers were first becoming popular.....the fact that you are reading this means that you made the same we are very very lucky people.
Music at a touch, audio books, wonderful photography, all there for the exploring! Its an amazing  research tool which can give us  information about anything under the sun!
The speed at which things can happen is breath taking but the riches it brings to us all on a daily basis is far away from the times during the war when even a newspaper was an object of desire that I am constantly giving thanks for everything we have now!
Thank you God.
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