Monday, 28 May 2012

We can all freeze.

I left my Pastoral prayer book behind on Friday.  I only realised I'd left it behind when I needed it on Saturday as a wedding couple turned up unexpectedly.
They wanted the service sheet running order and the prayer book was missing but fortunately I've done so many weddings over the years that I could give them an outline of the service without having the pages in front of me. 
When I thought about the missing book I could picture  where I left it, still on the lectern in the crem. Its unmistakably has yellow postits  stuck in, much loved prayers written by hand.....names of  wedding couples or  the that if a senior moment does arrive I have a crib.
It is possible to freeze for everyone....its not just an old age thing. time  as an amateur actor left me with that awareness as a a grim fact.
Once in Blythe Spirit I forgot the line I had known since the first rehearsal...."He was in the Cavalry  you know"
Its been written on my heart ever since.
That particular play has got a reputation for being unlucky but I have been in it several times,  once as the ghost Elvira, once as the wife, Ruth and three times as Madam Arcati .
Apart from the catastrophic  blanking out its always been Ok, apart of course for the summoning up of the spirits.
Sitting on stage trying to be Margaret Rutherford, asking if there was anyone there got me quite a lot of unscheduled bumps and bangs....coincidence I am sure........
Since then though playing my part in the church has taken over.....but the memory of going a complete blank still haunts me,  thus the aids memoir in the prayer book...
One of the funeral directors is bringing out for me this afternoon at yet another funeral....
I am very grateful....I need all the help I can get!

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