Monday, 7 May 2012

Wedding season.

The wedding season is again upon us!  We have a beautiful old church which everyone wants as the backdrop for their wedding. They go on right through the summer and bring jollity and prosperity to the village.
When I did them all they were also hard work....but now there are two of us sharing the list,  life is easier. Its also made  even more relaxed by our secretary!  She does all the preliminary  paper work. Joy of joy she also writes out the wedding certificates.
Having a good secretary makes a massive difference and as we have now had ours for 18 months she is settled into her routine and knows what she's doing. She is a real treasure and we are very lucky to have her.
Right at the beginning of the season she gave me my contact details so that I can get in touch with them all.
Its very strange how the relationships build up. By the time we get to the rehearsal we all know each other very well.
Most come back fairly frequently....many bring their babies to be christened and they almost all call in to see me...which is wonderful!
It all means a very busy few months  though....and as we had seven weeks away at the beginning of the year there are no more breaks in the schedule for some time.
Couple all of this with the start of the holiday season, now in full swing here, with old friends turning up all the time so  from now on I will have to start to be careful with my commitments...its much too easy to take on too many things....because I enjoy everything I do!
As well as thanking God today ,  I also thank our secretary .....from the bottom of my heart!

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