Friday, 15 June 2012

Bambi's breakfast.

To get up to another morning of rain, flood and another wedding rehearsal was really all I needed after this week!
John my poor sorely afflicted gardener arrived nice and early to find his strimmer on strike. But I had other jobs for him...Having stopped all work on lifting heavy pots after my back had made its protest felt last time I needed him to repot all the heavy stuff.....he can do it in the shed away from stormy blasts!
He was back all too soon having found much damage at the back of the shed.
The dahlias were eaten, their plot was full of deep holes, looking like hoof prints! We have marched around finding other damage caused by a big animal....
The conclusion is that the deer are back!
I don't mind being a bed and breakfast for Bambi in the winter but dam it they can't be so short of's growing at a rate of knots here!
John is now getting on with it all....muttering under his breath according to David who is trying to mend the strimmer.
We do have fun here....and I'm trying to get the sermon at least started!

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