Monday, 18 June 2012

Banana leaf coffin!

I recently did a funeral where the coffin was was wicker!  It was very pretty and I informed my husband that that was what I wanted when my turn came!
 This morning we have the  funeral of someone I knew quite well......she was often in Uganda so it was no surprise when her daughter told me that the coffin was made of banana leaves.
Lying in bed this morning  reviewing the events of the day I was very glad to find the sun shining.....this for a burial  makes it not quite so  depressing....
Then my mind worked around to the coffin made of banana leaves......
I drew some conclusions not  least that I would stick to whicker.  Did I really want to lie in a grave with just rotting banana leaves around me.
When the undertaker rang a few minutes ago..I asked him about the coffin.
"Its fine," he said, "Underneath  the banana there there is a fairly strong wooden case!"  Phew I can rest easy now.....which is more than those of you reading this can!

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