Monday, 4 June 2012

A boat called Wanda

It's not often I write a second blog immediately after the first but a follow up seems called for. Last night David's son told him that his boat was out during the Thames pageant. He hadn't seen it but was happy to know that his grandchildren had. This morning the Times had a piece "a boat named Wanda ". That was his little boat that went to Dunkirk and brought men back. He is almost in tears as he reads the piece and I want to weep with him but instead I'm blogging....again. He was so proud of Wanda and sad to give her up. The news that she took part in the pageant and is still much loved has made his weekend!

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  1. I could hardly watch yesterday. As I get older the tears come much more readily. Emotions are only just under the surface, good or bad ones. You name it I can cry over it.