Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bursting into song....not.

This weather is now getting beyond a joke......its half way through and no real sign of summer! All the baby apples have blown off the trees and they are actually putting out some new flowers!
The rest of the garden is looking extremely lush.....but this continual dank is bad for the soul......I need to get out and sing a few magnificats!
Singing outside has always been one of my foibles but I have to try to keep it down. We are just a few feet away from the cliff path and during the season of having no cattle in the field I have startled the odd walker by bursting into various canticles!
To sing with your whole body and spirit is one of the great joys of life...
Starting with the Coop choir in Rochdale as a girl I have always enjoyed being in a choir.
In North Wales we had a madrigal group led by an original member of a famous recording group whose name sadly eludes me! The King singers....there, it suddenly popped into what's left of the brain!
Here in Cornwall we sat outside during the summer singing away in the garden of a lovely old boy, now no more.
In old age many of our faculties have either failed completely or are mere shadows of our former selves. Oddly the voice is still with me...it soars out when I least expect it and I'm sure surprises many who are on the other side of a very tall hedge. Especially as most of what I sing is clerical!
I believe the plants in the garden like to be sung to.....but I need more encouragement than this dark, damp chilly climate outside!
It feels more akin to Autumn. A season of mists without the mellow fruitfulness!

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  1. Has it ever occurred to you Jean that it might be your singing which is causing the rain?
    No, if that were true, my garden would be under water by now,
    Seriously, I know what you mean about singing. It is very very difficult to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" when damp and gloom is all around.
    Do you know any sun dances by any chance?

    1. I could try a sun dance. Could make it snow!