Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The weather has been uncommonly kind to us today. It was sunny yesterday and glorious this morning when all the forecasts had gloomy predictions for everywhere. The funeral service was local just up the road but the burial was a little inland. As soon as we left the Roseland the clouds appeared. It started to rain just as we arrived at the cemetery. An added problem were the roads. They were sign posted "Closed". Large resurfacing vehicles made way for us and we made our way up recently tarmaced roads in a small downpour. It was very odd and but I came away knowing that leaving the Roseland was never going to be a good idea and sure enough the sun was out as we arrived at a local pub. In the bar was a man telling everyone about his sons wedding on Saturday . As I left I told him I'd see him on Saturday at the wedding. He was very pleasantly surprised. The moral to be gained from all of this is that it's a small world we inhabit here. And what's more its like Camelot. It only rains at night!


  1. I knew there must be somewhere where it only rained at night. Have you a road map for Camelot?

  2. You have to follow your heart not your head!

  3. I've done that Jean, most of my life, often with disastrous results.