Monday, 4 June 2012


Today is a day of making choices. The pain in my back is still strong even through the pain killers but I have commitments. I can't do them all so a certain amount of common sense needs to be used.
In the coming two weeks I have three weddings, a funeral, a christening and lots of other services.
I have family here and I've already put off seeing them once.
It is in the nature of the job that choices have to be made....we are not actually superhuman. Unfortunately when I said yes to all these things I hadn't realized how much time would be spent on the jubilee!
I can quite simply not go to everything. I have woken up knowing that some people are going to be very cross with me! I can live with cross. But I don't want to be a disappointment.
The whole village is closed today...fortunately I live out of the village but David wants his paper...the road closed at eight am!
He'll come back frustrated but at least the lady who has lost her daughter can get here.
Heaven knows I am not anti royal but I do think common sense has been lost by the wayside to some degree in the determination to make a great occasion out of it!
There, I've said it... As I can't walk far and the roads are closed that seems to be my decision made.
People will have to come to me.

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  1. I totally agree Jean this is madness. I am a staunch royalist, and a great admirer of Our Queen, but the whole country has gone crazy. I think another West Wing evening is called for tonight.
    Bank holidays do nothing for us at all once retired. Oh dear I sound such an old grouch but my routine has gone out of the window/