Friday, 1 June 2012

Coronation day cricket.

I was young at the time of the Coronation. Looking back its hard to imagine just how young we were then. Unsophisticated is  I suppose a better word. Un worldly even.
I was just approaching my 15th birthday.
At school in the choir I had sung "vivat Regina" over and over again. We had sung all the music to be used in the coronation. I had singing fatigue. What we were going to do on the actual day was a bit of a puzzle. Only posh people had televisions. We were not posh. People were rushing out to buy TVs specially for the day but we didn't know anyone in that category.
I did have a boy friend. He was more of a friend who was male, it was still an age of innocence.
We wondered what to do on the day...everyone had the day was June...looked set fair for the weather....we had to do something special so we went to Old Trafford to watch Lancashire play another county team, I can't remember which!
I remember nothing about the match except that there was a band which played the national anthem at regular intervals.
Old Trafford was a long way from Rochdale. Most of our time was spent traveling.
I knew more about cricket than your average teenager because my friend had a West Indian cricketer as her dad. Ellis Achong used to take us to benefit matches where we could sit in the sun and natter...It was a good day out for us as teenagers and I met interesting people, other professional cricketers with magical names. Ramadan and Valentine for instance.
Gosh we were young.
Since writing this I have been contacted by someone who looked it up. Apparently Lancashire were playing Surrey in a three day match. Surrey won by 8 wickets! Oh dear!

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