Sunday, 17 June 2012


Writing a eulogy can be hard. If you don't know the person whose died, that is especially hard. I ask for a photograph of the person to get some idea of who they were. But it's not the whole story.
It can be even worse of its someone you know. Often the facts don't tie in with the persona. Sometimes there are serious surprises ahead.
One funeral whilst I was still an ordinand contained the news that the dead man had had a very famous father. We had little idea and it was played down by the family.
Last weeks eulogy was given by the mother of the dead girl...but beyond a list of schools there wasn't much to say about her so I asked if her friends would like to come out and share their memories.
They did her proud those young people.
Tomorrow might be a problem. I have the list of achievements which were many but I need to do the dead woman justice and am still not sure how to go about it . Words will come I know. I just want them to be the right ones.
Humour plays its part at funerals...but it's a fine line and one all too easy to cross.
People who die too soon are the hardest....there is a feeling of incompleteness and even of unfairness. Between now and tomorrow some head banging is needed!

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