Sunday, 3 June 2012

An ill wind. Or not!

It's an ill wind that blows no one any good. I had to cancel the cream teas this afternoon in favor of sleep. I hope they will forgive me. In the event it's meant that David has been able to watch the scene of the Thames in party mode. It's done my heart good and as I'm lying down its done my back good too to watch him watching all this. It's the scene of his much misspent youth. He has rowed every bit of the water and knows it extremely well. He's got the claret out and is sharing every moment of this party. When he was a student at Imperial college he was part of the rowing club...they spent far too much of their time on the water. But it's the Dunkirk little ships he's waiting for. He was the commodore of the society which keeps track of all the little ships and raises money for them to be renovated when necessary. He's waiting to see which of his old mates have turned out for this amazing occasion! He no longer owns one of them but is wearing the club tie with pride. Watching him watching this has been excellent medicine this afternoon...he's got tears in his eyes seeing them go past now. It's an amazing afternoon of not moving at all!

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