Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Judge not.

I have always had jobs where I meet a lot of people. Now is no exception. For the most part I like all those I meet. It's most unusual for me to dislike anyone but it does happen occasionally and this week I have been trying to address this by wondering what motivates people to act as they do.
I find it difficult to try to win someone round if my main crime is to be a woman...and worse a woman in a mans job. I can't apologies for that so there seems no solution to that one.
I once had a friend I walked my dog with. One day she rang me to say she would be late.....she had yet to polish the table.
When she arrived we had an interesting discussion on house cleaning and why it was so vital for the table to be polished every day. She was able to draw her own conclusions as to why it had become so important to her. It was the only part of her life over which she had any control. It was therefor vital that she never left anything undone.
As I leave most things undone most days this was a puzzle but I think she'd come up with the right answer.
We are human beings....we can't like or love everyone we meet but trying to work out motivations is a fascinating occupation.
Why are some people so avid for gossip that they will pry and push to find even small snippets of information?
Why do some people spend their whole lives judging what other people do by their own values, so that anyone being kind is obviously doing it for some reward!
I tread my path through the haters and judges of this world and the best way of dealing with it all is to smile.
And only occasionally to say.
"Judge not, lest you be judged". Then duck.

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  1. I feel the same way, I get along with the majority of people. I am a people lover. I don't understand people that judge others; as far as I am concerned we are not here to judge people, we are here to love one another... oh well, I only need to worry about myself and not what someone else is doing. Great post:)