Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New baby, ancient church.

This afternoon is a baby blessing. What's more its a baby blessing in an ancient, not used much chapel.
Place manor is what remains of an Augustinian priory. The tiny church is attached to the house and is a place the first David and I used to visit on every trip to Cornwall. Situated on the cliff path it was the perfect resting place! In recent years it's been taken over by the Church Conservation Trust who keep it in good condition but it can only be used by the family who own it.
I have always loved it so when the blessing , planned for St Just was moved to Place I was delighted but a little worried.
"We are family" I was told happily.
Wonderful...I have always wanted to do a service there and thought the day would never come!
There is a local legend that Anne Bolyn spent time there before her head was lost but it is not true... it is though very beautiful and today will be filled with flowers.
The road to it is narrow with passing places so having a back not good at twisting I had planned to use the ferry to get there but apparently there's not going to be enough water. ( low tides) Car it is then. A lift was offered and gratefully accepted.
One more small quirk....there is no electricity. Candles are used but there's no way of providing music safely. My iPad hasn't got the volume.
The words then will provide the beauty. I'm using Celtic prayers from Iona.

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