Friday, 29 June 2012


I suppose when it reaches Petertide every year it is natural for us to think not just of those who are going to be ordained but to remember our own...My first ordination as a deacon was in the Cathedral and the second as a priest  in my own church.
There were good reasons why the priesting was done locally....some women had been harangued and the service disrupted on their way to the cathedral  so the diocese was anxious for it not to be repeated....
I'm not sure that level of hatred still exists except in a handful of people these days. I hope not anyway!
The ordination retreat for me was a complete eye was a silent retreat and those who know me well would realise that staying silent for an hour is unlikely ....leave alone three days.
I enjoyed it....During the hours off in the afternoon I went for long walks on my own...I grew to relish the silence and found my inner voice as I marched along the Cornish lanes on my own.
It is an amazing time ......and as I explained to my is the most shattering day of your life.....nothing is ever going to be the same again.
As I put on my dog collar for the first time and walked through the streets of Truro on my way to the Cathedral I imagined every eye on me....I felt humbled and exalted in equal measure.....anxious as to wether I could ever match up to what was required of me and full of joy that after a life time I was now able to fulfil the call which had always been there..
By the time of the priesting I had worked as a deacon for a year in my own parish and was full of anxiety as to whether I would remember the intricacies of celebrating the Holy mysteries.
My church was crowded, the choir stalls full of clergy.......and hands were laid on me not just by Anglicans but  Roman priest. a methodist and a free church minister....a truly amazing affirmation on my behalf....
My prayers go with all those approaching the same moment this weekend....
Tonight I go to see our new curate being ordained as a deacon....Thank you God!

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