Thursday, 28 June 2012

Potty old woman

Its still not really summer but I decided to start the yearly cull of clothes not wanted on journey!
What makes us buy things that actually never feel right?
Over the years I have sent much stuff to Oxfam or the women's shelter but the guilt is never far away. How could I possible have bought a purple dress covered in sequins?
How to explain the row of white tee shirts all with one splash of red wine fading with age?
There are somethings I bought that I thought I'd wear out, yet despite the good colour and the good make every time I put them on they come straight off again because they just don't feel right!
There are  three clothes shops that suit my body lines.....  Thankfully Marks and Spencer is one of the best ones....the other two are in the luxury range!
I am shrinking but not too much and I have lost weight in the last years so  some clothes are just too big now.....
I was pondering this knotty problem whilst getting dressed this morning and a poem wrote itself in my head as I did it is.

There was an old woman who lived by the sea. 
She wore boat shoes and denim
And had  cream scones for tea. 
She never had haircuts
And wore silver crosses,
 Played scrabble and backgammon
And  talked to God often
He sometimes replied so
She loved her life dearly
Loved her dog
And  her husband.
A potty old woman.

PS   I know its not good poetry.....its just the meandering of a senile mind!


  1. I always think the same thing you do... most times I am pretty good in picking out clothing that looks good on me but there are times that I put something on, take it off immediately and actually never wear it. Why did I buy it to begin with? ;)

  2. I can add another one to your guilt pile. All of the things you mention apply equally to me, but, in addition:
    what does one do about the pretty, dressy bits and pieces which have somehow crept into the wardrobe when I wasn't looking?
    I will never wear them (I have no social life), can't bear to part with them. I think perhaps surgery to clinically remove them may be necessary.
    As for the wine-stained white tea shirts, you can at least bleach them. I only get stains on coloured tops and am afraid to use anything too strong so they just hang there.

    Another potty old woman.