Thursday, 21 June 2012

Resurfacing. Slowly.

The first resurfacing vehicle woke me up before 7 this morning. It's now getting beyond a joke as they are working in the village today which is where the midweek service is held and David picks up several old people to get them there.
People may think that the warning notices should alert us all but there are so many little lanes around here and anyway if you live in the middle of it all you don't see a notice at the far end of the road until your out!
They have been around for a week now and we are all very grateful that they are doing it before the really busy season starts!
Plus our roads do need the attention, no argument there.
Working around them is fast becoming a game. I took a diversion up a lane David had never seen before but it leads to a farm I used to visit in a previous life.
Its a bit like the Mornington Crescent game on the radio....if we turn left there we can go straight until the next crossroads etc....
All of this I don't mind really but at seven this morning I did!
It will be interesting to see if our regular communicants will play the game...or if David can thread his way round the streets untouched since the 40s...and up some very steep gradients.
At least it's far! I got very wet going to a meeting in school yesterday. My shoes have not dried out yet!
All in all it's an interesting time in Paradise!
We got to church to find every other vehicle parked outside it to keep them off the road being resurfaced! Having fought our way in we thought it might be just two of us but others arrived obviously looking for sanctuary from malevolent large vehicles.
So we doubled our congregation ......... God works in mysterious ways. And in conjunction with some massive machines!
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  1. Poor Jean. How about hiring a helicopter?

    There really are some serious downsides to your otherwise perfect locality aren't there?

    Hopefully they will finish soon.