Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sad day.

Last summer we had a flower festival...I was only there for one morning but I talked to people as I went as always. That was when a young girl who had just been diagnosed with cancer decided that if she should die then St Just was where she wanted her funeral.   Her mother got in touch with us after she died and her funeral is today.
Her mother brought  the service sheets  to my house yesterday and told me  that she and her daughter had been two of the people I had spoken to last summer....I don't remember in any detail but the mother did. They had also been in the church during one of my wedding rehearsals  and the mother is convinced that fate has thrown us all together leading to today.
I don't know about that but I do know that its going to a very sad day today for us all....
What they liked about what they'd seen in church was apparently my jokes and my laughter.....I fear that they will be sadly missing today.   My problem will be to keep my own tears at bay!
I am doing a reading from Harry Potter......but even that might not be enough .....
What ever happens I know the Holy Spirit will help!

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