Friday, 8 June 2012

Wedding and storms.

June is a bad month for storms here  and this has all happened before!  David and I had spent three days at Henley about 5 years ago. We had basked in hot sun whilst we watched the rowing but on Friday afternoon we had to get home.  I had a wedding. My colleague did the rehearsal for me but I had to be there on Saturday.
As we approached  Cornwall the sun disappeared and black clouds were with us all the way home!
The phone rang at six in the morning.  It was a distraught bride to tell me their marquee had blown away in the night, complete with the floral arrangements!
We spent the hours before the ceremony trying to help!  Fortunately one of the local hotels had a manager who was also getting married that year!
She came to the rescue and the reception was held there instead! The bride did not know this when she was getting ready for her big day.
We borrowed as many large umbrellas as possible but they collapsed as soon as they were put up...
The small porch of the church was filled with wellies and brollies. The bride was damp and very upset!
We did our best to cheer her up but nothing helped much!
The photos had to be taken inside the church and we were all there for at least two hours after the wedding was over!
I am still in touch with them....her letters all start with the same line.
"In the day of disaster that was my wedding day........"
Bless her...they are still married and still happy......
Nevertheless I am hoping that this weekend will not have any of the same ingredients!   Starting with,  can we actually get down the lane that leads to the church?
Fallen trees have blocked it on previous occasions.......
Prayers being said now.

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