Monday, 11 June 2012

With Gods help.

It's going to be another very busy week! The last time I had a week like this I was five years younger! That five years is making a massive difference.
We start the week with a funeral visit. This visit is different in that it's for someone I knew reasonably well over a number of years so I have to strive to be unemotional if possible.
Having done one wedding on Saturday I have two more this week starting tomorrow!
It's all is as one person reminded me yesterday what I was called to do and she's right. I just wish I'd started the answer to a call earlier.
My first call at fifteen had to remain unanswered. Women had no meaningful role in the church back then.
I now look back and regret that the female of the species was not thought fit to do the things that men did.
My life would have been very different had I been able to follow the very real and insistent calling.
The wonder and the joy of then being priested in my sixties has carried me along through interregnums and busy periods over the last years and of course it still does but I now get tired!
But the words of the service of ordination are still with me..
"With Gods help I can"

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  1. If the Lord knows a good priest when he sees one Jean, he should also know when to recharge your batteries for you.
    Blessings (but don't overdo it).