Thursday, 19 July 2012


Last night I suffered ageism!  Someone I don't know on Facebook told me I was too old to play games! old do you have to be to play games?
I may have to change my profile picture again at this point.....I have taken a picture of me as I am right now....thanks to the wonderful Macbook pro.

Ok  I admit I'm am far from young but I am not actually decrepit.....yet!  
I love playing games.....I play backgammon and scrabble on line and throughly enjoy meeting people and sometimes making friends with them....
Just occasionally I venture into the dafter side of game playing and usually retreat fairly fast....quite apart from anything else I don't actually have all that much spare time.
So what game caused this agist rebuke?  The drawing game "Drawsome"  Until last night I hadn't even realised that my fellow drawers could see a picture of me....I checked and it is an old profile pic...
I suppose to a twelve year old anyone over the age of 20 is old so I fully understand where this remark came from.....but it doesn't stop me from fighting back....
Down with racsists and now ageists. 
There are a lot of us old dears around...and we still have our teeth!  


  1. Good for you Jean.
    I also play games when there is something I don't want to watch on the box or indeed just to amuse myself. When did anyone become to old to play games? Mind you Jean there is old and there is old. If the legs would let me I would play hopscotch.
    Me I am only 40 in my mind so those who think otherwise can go and .....

  2. "There are a lot of us around...and we still have our teeth"

    All the better to bite you with.

    This game playing is an area I have so far not strayed into, but I reckon I'm just about old enough to do so now,so will give it some serious attention.

    Too old Jean, what a nerve!