Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crispin played with seals.

This is the nature of a bulletin...apologies.
Since the post about Crispin the golden earlier in the week he has staged a miraculous recovery. People have arrived from all around to see him and to say goodbye....he likes being the centre of attraction and has decided to go on for a little while longer...
Since the two day leg dragging he seems to be able to use his hind legs again for most things that nature intended..though this morning I did find a hardened lump in the dining room that had flattened into a leaf like shape the same colour as the wooden floor! I hope it's not been there long.
He's walked right round the garden with me, greeted the visitors with charm and some joy and for the time being is enjoying life again...
I would dearly like to take him swimming now the suns out....he used to swim right out to sea with me regularly in past times...when we met anyone else in the water he used to wag his tail in greeting and sink immediately. He learned underwater swimming as a consequence and could bring things up from the bottom through the crystal clear water.
As a young dog he looked rather like a baby seal, sleek and golden and on the beach we went to frequently the seals used to watch him as he ran along the seal in particular used to call to him and in he would go.
The first time he disappeared under the water I held my breath for a long time anxious that he had been caught down there and couldn't come back but up he popped, grinning at me and at his seal friends...
On days when the beach was deserted and even the seals were absent I would sing very loudly and that brought the seals to the shore.....
I have though about taking him round there but I think it might be too painful for us both.
But for the moment the vets visit has been put off! Thank you God and those who prayed.

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