Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Crispins OK

I did not sleep well last night. Somewhere around three I heard my dog coming up the stairs. He now has to work very hard to do this and it's reflected in his very heavy breathing.
I stayed awake ready to dive out of bed in case he needed to go out but he settled down on the landing leaving me alert and listening.
He has picked up a bit since the last doggy bulletin but he is often now in need of a pain killer....
Despite that he is eating well..even getting excited at the approach of food. The other day he ran up the field after the white cat next door....I feared the worst but he just grinned at me.
He needs to know where I am now. He settles down next to me and is obviously content.
I am now in the same state as a new mother, listening for his breathing and on the alert for any difference in him. He does still smile though. Thank you God.

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