Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ear phones and music.

I see tweets and status quotes from twitter and face books about various ways of listening to music these days.
I do have Spotify  on the phone but have only really used it once. I will over the next few days try to get to grips with this modern techno gadget whereby I can specify anything that takes my fancy and it will duly appear.
I have always loved music....and used to listen all day as I dashed around the house looking after the babies. As a widow in a quiet environment  music was always present, along with the radio to fill the house with a semblance of company.
I have got my favourite music on various pods puters and phones but I realise that I seldom listen any more.
This is partly because too many other things occupy my mind for most of the time but there is another reason...well two actually....David is around much of the time and although we share some music preferences I have other tastes rock music, folk and country....My tastes really are catholic with a small "C"
If I am listening to Queen the groans from the other room are audible and that brings me to the other problem...wearing ear phones is still frustrating.
A friend did tell me of some sports ear phones meant to stay in place whilst moving and I did buy some but they still fall out!  Not all the time, usually when I am singing along to the fishing mens choruses !
If its choral music then the need to join in is intense and then I remember that my voice carries and I can probably be heard for miles around..
All of this means that I do not these days start the day with beautiful or rousing music....and I can get to the end of a whole day without ever having heard anything apart from the spoken word, which whilst good does not lift me onto a different plane in quite the same way.
I have discs, downloads on my computer, songs on my phones, operas on my is really time to force the headphones on and start to listen again........maybe tomorrow!

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  1. As one who often passes several days without hearing a single sound not of my own making, I have fairly ambivalent feelings about background sounds, music or otherwise.
    As you will know from my blog I have been actively involved in music almost all my life, yet, the need to listen to it seems to have departed.
    When I was young my every spare second was spent glued to The Third Programme, and then to records on my dansette record-player. These days, apart from the odd TV programme on BBC2 I never seek to listen to music at all.
    Forced at gun-point to choose music or books, these days I would choose books.
    Previously there would have been no question, I couldn't live without music.
    People are weird aren't they. Or is it just me?