Sunday, 15 July 2012

Food wasted!

I got up feeling fairly virtuous. Not only could I say in all honesty that I had planted a lot of trees and shrubs in the last couple of years as my contribution to saving the planet  but I was up at 7 to do the eight o'clock at St Just....and the sun was shining!
This smug feeling only lasted till I got downstairs. The fridge was showing a red light and I realised very belatedly that it  had been bleeping very quietly all day yesterday.
Opening up the freezer compartment I found that at some point it had started to defrost . Investigation revealed that much of what was in there needed to be thrown away.
After poisoning us all on Boxing day I couldn't risk another debacle.
After church I got home and filled a dustbin liner with spoiled frozen food.....David said much of it would be Ok if it was very well cooked...burnt in fact but I wasn't risking it so I have emptied the fridge of  all its goodies, steak, scallops, ice-cream. etc.
Its all gone into the bin and so now guilt has set in......I hate wasting food.....and some of it might be alright but I really can't risk it......
I'm going back to do the 11am pray for forgiveness.....I have just chucked out enough food to feed a family for a week!

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  1. "I have just chucked out enough food to feed a family for a week"..

    Just be glad you didn't, or you might have a few extra funerals on your hand s this week.

    There, that's something to feel smug about again.